Speak French Now has been created and is directed by Grégory Pommier.

A native of France, born and raised in Paris, Grégory gained a broad experience and developed his own teaching methods and style while teaching in celebrated language schools and tutoring privately both here in Australia and overseas.

He opened Speak French Now in Sydney in 2002, to establish a French language school clearly focused on developing students’ oral skills and making learning French as simple, enjoyable and practical as possible.


Becoming fluent in English and learning Spanish, Grégory’s personal experience has brought him to understand and appreciate the joys and struggles that come with learning another language. Grégory can provide lots of tips and techniques and clear advice to overcome the obstacles or discouragements that come at different learning stages.

Living in Australia since 2000 and an Australian citizen since 2009, Grégory has also worked as a chef and trained as an artist in Paris. Grégory has a keen knowledge and understanding of French culture, arts, history and gastronomy which he shares enthusiastically with his students.

Since 2002 many satisfied students have enjoyed their French education experience with Grégory