Picture yourself buying croissants at your local patisserie, finding your own way to La Tour Eiffel, snapping up those shoes you spotted in a hidden back street in Paris, or even engaging in some café repartee with a Gallic stranger. All of this is possible with ‘Speak French Now'. The French are known worldwide for their food, fashion, fine arts and culture. By learning French at ‘Speak French Now’ you’ll be given the tools you need to speak like a local, making your travel experience richer and more rewarding.


Whatever the type of lessons you choose at ‘Speak French Now’, you’ll experience the best part of learning French; and that’s speaking French!



French and English have plenty of words in common. It’s estimated that an English speaker who has never studied the French language already knows 15 000 French words! There really is no need to start from scratch!

At Speak French Now, you’ll learn techniques to immediately call to mind hundreds of French words, without having to make any effort to memorize them and with a few tips on pronunciation you’ll be able to use them right away.

How many French words do you already know?


When studying French it’s interesting to learn about French language, vocabulary, grammar, history and culture but if you want to speak French you’ll need to hear and speak it repeatedly and regularly. This is particularly important with the French language, as it often sounds very different from the way it’s written. 

Why is it so important to speak French as much as possible during your lesson?

That’s why at ‘Speak French Now’ we’ve developed a conversation-based approach so thatyou can learn and speak French at the same time. Here are some of the reasons why it’s so effective:

● You will speak French with a native speaker during your entire lesson. English is only spoken to explain and clarify grammar if required.

● You’ll only learn the grammar that’s relevant for your level, as you need it.

● You’ll have also plenty of time to thoroughly practice and apply what you’ve learnt, because repetition and practice is what helps gain confidence.

● By the end of each lesson you’ll be able to hold a conversation as you would in a real-life situation. Our focus will always be on learning in a way that is both practical and relevant to you. 


Want more detail about what you’ll learn? 


Quite often when learning French, students can wonder ‘am I learning to speak French or am I just learning French grammar?’ The heavy focus on theoretical grammar work in many language classes can overwhelm students and discourage them from continuing.

Don't sweat it! It will just sink in.

At Speak French Now you’ll learn only the grammar you need for each level. With the French language, some grammar rules might change how a word is spelt but the pronunciation will remain the same. That is why (unless a study of written French is essential for you) we simplify grammar in our classes. You’ll learn the grammar you need to speak confidently and fluently for the level you’re at, developing your grammatical knowledge as your vocab and spoken French improves.

You will also discover language charts and toys that make conjugations and grammar easier to use so grammar becomes a support not a hindrance to speaking French.

With a few learning tips and techniques under your belt, remembering whether words are masculine or feminine will be easier.

You will also learn a lot of ways to make French part of your everyday life, as well as how to playfully improve your French on your own.


At Speak French Now we believe that being engaged as a learner is the key to both remembering what you learn and enjoying the learning process.  From the very beginning of your first French lesson, you’ll be introduced to some specific vocabulary and grammatical structures. These will be learned in the class with the use of focused conversation.

New material is introduced during these focused conversations using images and visual aids so that no translation is needed. In the same way you learnt your first language – through simple gestures, observing, listening and speaking – you’ll find yourself immediately communicating and interacting in French with a native speaker. This means you can enjoy speaking (the best part of learning a language) from the very start!

You’ll then be given plenty of time to practice and apply what you have learned.  Grammar is explained clearly and concisely in English if required.

With our focused conversations and the thorough practice that follows, you can build confidence and get a sense of mastery and fluency.

What is  focused conversation?


Forget about impossible conjugations, boring grammar exercises, languages scales and rote learning. At Speak French Now, we believe that practicing what you learn repeatedly doesn’t need to be repetitive and boring.

In our classes, to maintain your curiosity and keep you engaged while you’re flexing your new language muscles, we use very dynamic teaching methods to build your confidence and fluency: role-playing real-life situations and dialogues, playing language games and doing activities in French so that you’re having fun while practicing.


At Speak French Now we use a wide range of materials depending on your level, your abilities and reasons for learning French. If you’re already studying French, and need some extra help with your studies, we’re very happy to work with the textbooks or materials you’re currently using.

Outside our French lessons you’ll be given the opportunity to reinforce what you’ve learnt with various reading and writing exercises. These exercises will help complement your listening and speaking skills.

You’ll also be able to benefit from CD support so that you can continue building confidence in your pronunciation on your own, by reading real-life dialogues with feedback from the CDs.

Depending on your level, abilities and reasons for learning French, you can be given guidance on choosing French resources to further your study on your own. These include useful websites about the French language, online French exercises, French reference books, and Free French flashcards.

You’ll also learn about French groups and associations you can join to continue pursuing and sharing your passion for French with others outside your lessons.

Finally you’ll be kept up to date with French news, French events and festivals that are occurring in Sydney, in Australia and in France.