ThIS is what our students have to saY


Speak French Now opened in 2002. Since that time many satisfied customers have enjoyed the very unique service that our school provides in Sydney. Some of our students comment below on their experience at Speak French Now.

I’ve had French lessons on and off for many years, but I never had the skills (or courage) to speak French well as a result. After ten lessons with Gregory I feel so much more confident and can hold a conversation using quite complex sentence structure. (I can also understand my Parisian friend much better, even though he speaks very fast. And what’s more, he can understand me!) Gregory is an excellentteacher with endless patience and a great sense of humor. His non judgmental, relaxed style makes it easy to progress. His lessons are very practical, but also focus on the theoretical side where necessary. The classes are tailored to suit your needs, and I found one on one sessions to be very good value for money. I would recommend him highly to anyone who wants to improve their French.
— Jennifer Kent. Filmaker

Thinking of learning French? You’d like a small group with a really good teacher?
Look no further, Gregory is an amazing teacher and classes are small. In the twelve months that I’ve been with Gregory I’ve improved enormously. He has the patience and natural ability to bring out your best. Lessons are 1.5 hours, they’re intensive but they’re fun and you learn.
More than that, Gregory is a great story teller, his anecdotes are very funny and his general knowledge is extraordinary. So apart from the language I feel I’ve learnt a lot about French culture, French history and of course about Paris where he grew up.
— Susie. Designer

I can thoroughly recommend Gregory’s classes. After only a few weeks I have much more confidence to speak than after two courses elsewhere. While the sessions are great fun, they are always rigorous: a combination of consolidating material already dealt with and covering new ground. And Gregory himself is a pleasure to have as a teacher, always full of encouragement, but also careful in his guidance and corrections.
— Anne Quinn. High School English Teacher

Grégory Pommier is an inspired and inspiring teacher of French. He has made the language of French a joy for our two sons, Sholto (13) and Alexander (10). Our young daughter Eleanor (5) has also just started learning French from him and we are also making to join the queue.
— Lisa and Francis M Douglas, QC

Gregory’s lessons are always extremely interactive and fun. He is continually introducing different ways of teaching us to keep us engaged. Learning a new language is a difficult task but Gregory’s enthusiasm, passion and energy makes learning French with him, a positive and rewarding experience. He will always take the time to discuss your needs and tailor each and every lesson around areas which you have highlighted a desire to work more in depth on. When we do not live in Australia anymore, we will be very sorry not to have him as our teacher and know it will be a struggle to find one who compares!
— Mark and Elizabeth, Financial Analyst and Retail Buyer

Grégory has been our French teacher for almost 12 months. We find him patient, encouraging, persistent, thoughtful and a constant instructive delight. He makes learning French great fun and has given us a broader picture of life in France. We would recommend Grégory as a teacher to all, from tots to oldies.
— Patrick and Rosemary, Orthodontist and Company Director

I have so enjoyed my one to one French tuition with Gregory Pommier. Gregory understands the specific needs and natural learning tendencies of an individual. This promotes the sort of rapid progress and confidence that other regular group classes fail to provide. With Gregory’s guidance I am able to enjoy my strengths and also focus on my weaknesses, so it is never tedious. In each class we discover, through conversation, a point of grammar that I misuse or have no knowledge of and we focus on that, repeating examples and playing imaginatively until it is clarified and successfully integrated. I would recommend Gregory’s classes to anyone who is serious about speaking French.
— Madeleine Blackwell, Actor, Filmmaker and Screenwriter

10 weeks with Gregory allowed me to land in Paris with a knowledge of the language, the people and the place. I had a tailored learning experience that suited my needs, advanced at my pace and was always a laugh. A great experience that I still call on now that I am living in Paris.
— Agatha Gorazdowski, Producer

It’s fun, interesting and helps me with my school work. I’ve improved a lot with the lessons and I could never have learnt as much as I have done without Gregory’s help. The lessons are fun and enjoyable. At school, there isn’t as much time to practice speaking, but these lessons are all about speaking and becoming fluent with the language.
— Elizabeth, HSC Student

I recently began French classes with Gregory Pommier before my trip to Paris. Gregory’s classes helped me have a much more enjoyable time in France, as I was able to communicate in many situations. This enabled me to understand much more about the French culture. He is a very patient teacher and made the lessons very clear, practical and fun. I would definitely recommend him as a French teacher to my friends and family.
— Kate, Primary Teacher

If anyone is interested in learning French, this guy is my French teacher and he’s fantastic! Really nice guy and a sensitive and well-versed teacher. Someone who has really thought about how people learn and how best to get it across to them. (As a yoga teacher, I relate to this!)
— Mardi Kendall, Yoga Teacher

Gregory Pommier is a gem. Each week I look forward to my French tutorial. His patience is worth bottling while his enthusiasm and excitement when I advance even ever so slightly encourages me to keep coming back. It’s a wonderful way to spend an hour and one I won’t be giving up anytime soon. I’m just disappointed there aren’t more hours in the week to do more classes with him.
— Michelle Lollo, Assistant Editor, The Sunday Telegraph

Starting off learning French at University was very intimidating especially at a beginner level. Often the pace of classes was very fast and the prospect of having to ask questions in French meant I initially just didn’t bother asking any. The main benefit that has come from private tuition with Gregory, is confidence in my ability to communicate in French. Classes are catered for my own interests which means my vocabulary, grammar and conversational skills improve faster than if I just followed a university textbook, as I can write, talk and communicate my own thoughts and opinions in French.
— Michael, Finance Cadet/Trainee for a French firm

I study French at University too, but I found that the teaching at Uni isn’t enough on its own. At Uni, I am unable to understand everything, because the class moves so quickly and the teacher doesn’t always have time to explain all of the words or concepts to us. But now that I have one private lesson a week with Grégory, in addition to the teaching at Uni, all the pieces of the puzzle have come together. With Grégory, I am able to practice speaking French for the full hour, or hour and a half, I have with him. But I am also able to ask some questions in English, so that I can contextualize what I am learning and genuinely understand it (as opposed to just memorizing sounds!).
— Cara Davis, Advisor for the Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth, Peter Garrett.

I was fortunate to see Gregory’s sign up ‘Speak French Now’ and contacted him in January this year. I learnt French in high school but was not able to speak very it well. I have been going to lessons weekly with my cousin and always look forward to the class and at the end wish it was longer. The lessons are interesting, informal and we cover a lot of subjects, talking about many things in French. I really feel my French understanding of spoken word and conversation has improved. I would thoroughly recommend these French lessons.
— Patricia Walton, GP

When we decided we wanted to take French classes, we liked the idea of seeing a teacher in a private class situation. We found Gregory and took on private tuition with him. Our classes are 2 hours in duration and we are the only two people in the room for our lesson. We have taken large group language classes in the past, and we find this smaller group situation a much more effective way to learn. Gregory constructs classes based on our needs and can move at a pace that suits us. Gregory is an excellent communicator and his methods of teaching have allowed us to make great advancements and feel comfortable and prepared for our first trip to France. We had such a great time in France that in our return we decided to continue with the lessons . We thoroughly enjoy the classes, they are fun, it’s a relaxed and encouraging environment and we’re thrilled by the knowledge we’ve gained. We highly recommend Gregory to anyone wishing to learn French. We look forward to his classes every week.
— Melinda Jackson and Christo Alexander, Singer and Musician

I came to Gregory for french conversation and to fine tune my french which, although fluent, has holes in it. I enjoyed our weekly chat, whilst expanding my vocabulary and appreciating the nuances of the french language. Gregory is a patient and knowledgeable teacher.
— Georgie Bridge, Florist

As a ballet teacher (I instruct in French) and true romantic, I have always been interested in learning the language of love. Each year my new year’s resolutions had ‘learn French’ somewhere near the top of the list. This year I found a rather appropriate flyer at a cafe in Clovelly and so I gave Gregory a call – he sounded so lovely and I could tell he would make for a nurturing teacher. After negotiating a time slot for private lessons that would be suitable for the both of us, I was ready. Now it has become such an exciting part of my week. Each class is structured, stimulating and carefree. I do not feel embarrassed whilst learning because Gregory has a real knack for coaxing it out of you. He gives plenty of positive feedback and it certainly makes me feel proud of myself and therefore pushes me to try my hardest all the time and to make sure my homework is done. Gregory is definitely an intuitive teacher and this is a great credit to him. I’ll keep re-enrolling every 10 weeks until I feel almost french! Just after 20 lessons I know if I were to go back to France I would be able to carry myself through some conversations with ease and that is exciting to me. It has been so worthwhile and so fun, thank you Gregory!
— Miss Tara, Ballet teacher, Director of Bambino Ballet, Paddington

Grégory has been my french tutor for several months now and I regard him as an excellent teacher. His strengths for me are his abilities to encourage me to speak French about everyday things that have occurred, or, are of interest to me. His style is one of constant attention to the detail of the language and the nuances that are necessary for correct communication. He is a very positive and supportive person and interested in my progress. He is adaptable to what it is you want to achieve with the language and tailors his teaching style to suit; I always look forward to his classes and I recommend him highly.
— Susan, Editor and Publisher