Complete Beginner Courses start on 14th and 17th October 2019

The more people in a class the less time you have to speak. That is why we keep our classes very small (3 to 6 students) so that everybody can have enough time to speak French and build confidence. With only a few other students with you, you get the personal attention, motivation and feedback you need to improve your French confidently and be assured that your pronunciation is on the right track. 


Small size classes that allow you to speak French as much as possible. 

The more you speak French, the faster you learn. Also the more people you have in a class and the less time you can speak. In normal group classes there is often so many students learning with you that you end up mainly listening, reading and writing. Our classes are kept very small so that our students have more time and opportunities to speak French, build confidence in their pronunciation and enjoy the experience with others. 

Small size classes that focus on speaking French.

Whatever your level, in our group courses, you’ll be speaking French from your very first lesson. New material is presented in the course of simple focused conversations and, straight away, while conversing, you will find yourself using new vocabulary and applying new language structures. Each class is aimed at developing your oral skills and by the end of each lesson you will be able to hold a conversation as you would in a real-life situation. More info…

You’ll learn practical French. In our classes practical vocabulary and grammar is introduced in context of real-life situations.

You will learn the practical language you need to make your French trip or visit to France a very special one. You’ll learn how to order in cafes and restaurants, shop for food and clothes, ask for (and understand) directions, buy tickets and catch public transport. You will be able to talk about yourself, about your family and friends, about your own feelings, experiences, projects and plans. What you will learn will be very practical.  More info…

Learn French, meet people and have fun. 

Forget about exhausting grammar drills and boring language lessons you might have had at school. With us you’ll learn French through conversation, role-plays, fun activities and games. You’ll also learn a lot of tips and techniques that will make learning French much easier. Our classes also offer a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere where you can meet people that share your passion for the French language and culture.


Term 4 Group Classes 2019

Price per student

$420 / 10 lessons

Small Classes (3-6 students)

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels

Conversational French

90-minute lessons in Bondi Junction

Term 4 starts from 14 Oct 2019




● Small group lessons will proceed with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 students.

● No enrollment is confirmed unless 100% of the course fee is paid.

● Payment must be made 7-days prior to the beginning of the course, unless arranged otherwise.

● Speak French Now cannot be held responsible for changes in the students’ work commitment or personal circumstances. Once a series of classes has been confirmed by payment and the course has started, no refund will be given.

● Students are not entitled to a discount, a refund or rescheduling if they arrive late or miss a class. An extra lesson can be arranged at an extra cost if the student miss a class and want a catch-up lesson.

● In case of a serious illness, hospitalization or a unique situation, a refund might be approved if the course hasn’t started yet.

● Students will be notified if a course is cancelled and fees will be promptly refunded in full.

● Any inappropriate behavior or misconduct that could endanger and seriously disrupt the lesson could lead to the cancellation of the student’s lessons, without any right to obtain a refund.